Friday, August 18, 2017

Effective Maintenance Will Maximise The Life Of Your Fishing Rods

As a new convert to the wonderful world of angling, you may well be looking at the maintenance required to keep your tackle in good condition and maximise its life. Reels need stripping, cleaning, and to be lightly greased. Lures and spinners cleaned and checked. Hooks checked for bluntness or damage, and traces and line checked for weakness. A good maintenance regime is doubly important if your choice of angling is sea fishing.

The vast majority of both fresh and sea water fishing rods these days are made of carbon fibre, fibreglass, or graphite, so what’s there to go wrong? With the rod itself, hopefully, nothing - very few crack or snap - but it has been known! When fishing from beach, rocky headland or boat, rods get dropped and knocked about. GRP or carbon can get chipped, and guides bent or split. Just 30 minutes checking your equipment after a weekend’s fishing will ensure your kit is up to the job next time out. Read more from this article:

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Picking an Ideal Family Camping Tent among Other Tents For Sale

Camping is a favourite outdoor activity for many, especially among families. Whether the camping ground is the base for other outdoor activities or the main attraction, campers need to find good tents.

Picking a tent for your family entails deliberate consideration, though. You’ll have to consider their individual needs as well. Make sure to think about these factors when you’re shopping among tents for sale.

The Capacity of the Tent

Pick a tent that accommodates all or most of the family members. Tents are designed as two-man, four-man, six-man onwards; however, the number only specifies the maximum number of campers it can lodge without personal camping gear. This rating is ideal for campers who are travelling light. The rule of the thumb is to divide the rating by two to find the real capacity of the tent. A four-man tent, for example, is ideal for two children or two adults. Read more from this article:

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Visit Camping Stores and Make Sure to Have These Items On Your Backpack

Camping gives you the freedom to go on a day trip and ease up the monotony of daily life. It can easily turn into a nightmare, though, if you’re ill-equipped for the upcoming adventure. That’s why your backpack must have all the essentials of a great camping trip. These items are easy to get from any camping stores in Perth. They are even essential for your survival, if you find yourself stuck out in the Western Australian Bush. Don't leave home without them!

A Multi Tool Is Better than a Knife

Knives are great, but a good multi tool saves so much space and weighs much less. Most models have a knife, a fork and a spoon. They are also fitted out with a can and bottle opener, a corkscrew and a reamer. With a multi tool, you can take lightweight cans with precooked food in them instead of worrying about storing perishable food. The knife is essential if you are in a survival situation and you need to quickly put together a gauze, a splint or a bandage. Read more from this article: